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If a sponsor, lender, investor or consumer gave you enough money to take your
impact worldwide, what would you do next?

Let's find out!

This summer you'll get proven ethical influence strategies to grow your Money Magneti$m™ and the chance to present your impact to a powerful panel of investors, sponsors, lenders, media and consumers.  Register now and get heard by top influencers who genuinely want to support you in taking your impact worldwide.

Far too many entrepreneurs fail because they haven't got enough money to make it happen. If that's you, the first question you've got to answer is:

What would you do if money were no object?

Would you hire a team, develop new products and services and expand your marketing?

Would you go on a speaking tour, publish a bestselling book, and finally pay yourself a salary?

If your dream is to make a difference in the world, but you haven't got enough money to make it happen, then let's fix that.

Billions of dollars are being given to impact-driven entrepreneurs by sponsors, investors, lenders, and consumers who genuinely want to give their money to difference-makers just like you. So why shouldn't it BE you?

All you need are the right connections and strategies to get these influencers to support you.

Join Us for the

Live Event
JULY 14 – 17 in Dallas, TX

From the moment you walk in the door, you'll be immersed in an experience unlike anything you've ever seen.

day1 On Day 1, you'll meet an extraordinary group of impact-driven entrepreneurs as you come together to Focus On Impact®. You'll engage in fun activities that will reveal your unique impact - the one thing only you can bring the world! You'll discover how your unique perspective makes you the ideal messenger for your impact and how you can infuse your uniqueness into one-of-a-kind marketing, products and services. You'll stretch the boundaries of what you thought was possible, expand your vision of impact and develop your ideal plan to make it happen in a lifestyle that's ideal for you.

day2 On Day 2, you'll discover the power of Money Magneti$m™ and how you can use it to get the money you need to bring your impact to the world. You'll go step-by-step through the Money Magneti$m Formula and identify the 12 critical factors that drive consumers, investors, sponsors and lenders to give you money for the difference only you can bring to people's lives. Finally, you'll create your Money Magneti$m Presentation so you can talk about your impact in way that moves people to action, and develop the clarity you need to respond to people's questions with comprehensive details or bottom-line answers. You'll learn how to use your Money Magneti$m Presentation to ethically turn simple conversations into money-making results in networking situations, online videos, speaking engagements, face-to-face meetings and social media.

day3 On Day 3, you'll engage in intimate workshops with Wendy and her powerful team of experts in social media, intellectual property protection, crowdfunding and personal breakthrough acceleration. Together they'll give you the personal attention you deserve and the strategies you need so you can build your impact further and faster. As you engage with each expert, you'll get additional clarity and confidence to enhance your Money Magneti$m™ and grow your community. Then, with all your details in place, you'll be ready for Wendy to personally coach you to deliver your Money Magneti$m Presentation with powerful command so you bring out the best of you and never sacrifice your authenticity or compromise your ethics.

day1 Finally, on Day 4, you'll have a game-changing opportunity when Wendy ushers you onto the stage and introduces you to the Focus On Impact® Panel of Influencers. These powerful influencers are coming to give you their undivided attention as Wendy shines the spotlight on your unique impact. Surrounded by the support of your new friends, you'll get the chance to present your Money Magneti$m Presentation to…

  • Sponsors – Corporate executives who give funds and visibility to impact-driven entrepreneurs;
  • Lenders – People who regularly give loans to people who are just starting out;
  • Investors – Accomplished winners who fund dreams that could make a difference in the world;
  • Media – Highly-respected reporters who write and speak about difference-makers on prestigious platforms; and
  • Consumers – Everyday men and women who need your impact and could spread the word about you to all their friends.

present impact

These powerful influencers are coming to Dallas to give you their undivided attention as Wendy shines a spotlight on your unique impact.*

But we’re not stopping there.

Just by participating in this event, you’ll get the chance for massive exposure when Wendy takes the videos of the event across the United States to top executives and influencers who just might give you the chance to get the funding and visibility you need to launch your impact worldwide!

Scroll down for more details and then click the button to register for the Focus On Impact® Live Event. And do it now. Because the world needs your unique impact. And because life is far too short to settle for less than you truly want – in your business or your life.

Over 4 game-changing days, you'll get the step-by-step training and personal coaching you need so you can…

Ethically Influence Consumers, Media, Sponsors, Lenders, Donors and Investors to Give You Money For The Unique Impact You Bring The World!


Dallas is the commercial and cultural hub of the region, with amazing restaurants, fabulous arts and world class shopping.

Fly into Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and board your complimentary shuttle to our conference hotel. There you'll be treated to a hot, breakfast buffet each morning of the event, free WIFI and free parking. All for only $109 per night! Want a roommate? We'll connect you with our amazing attendees on our private Facebook page.

4 Days of Fun Surprises, Powerful Networking and a One-Of-A-Kind Training Experience That Will Give You the Strategies, Connections and Opportunities To Accelerate Your Growth Exponentially in Record Time!



Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. is the world's leading authority on business acceleration through IMPACT STRATEGY and ETHICAL INFLUENCE. President of Professional Impact, Inc., Wendy is a 5-time bestselling author and founder of the Move People To Action System™ for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Entrepreneurs. A trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, executives, credentialed experts and top influencers worldwide, Wendy has touched millions of lives through her bestselling books, world-class speaking engagements, media interviews, live events, in-house business growth programs and E-learning courses. Her newest bestseller, Focus On Impact® was named by Forbes Online as, "The secret to success in business!"

Join Wendy as she guides you step-by-step through her proven, MONEY MAGNETI$M™ System and personally coaches you in small groups and HOT Seats, and directs your experience with her hand-selected team of experts who will show you how to…

  • Grow Your Social Following FAST on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Protect Your Unique Intellectual Property
  • Identify and Break Through Your Personal Success Barriers

Meet Your

hal Hal Dibner, Ph.D., Triple-Board Certified Analyst and world-renowned expert in identifying and breaking through the hidden barriers that block entrepreneurial and executive success (in record time!).
jason Jason Webb, JD, Attorney, specializing in the identification and protection of intellectual property for entrepreneurs and expert in trademark, copyright and patent strategy for business growth.
roberto Roberto Candelaria, Founder of the Platform and Profit Sponsorship and Social Media System™ for entrepreneurs, author of Relationships Make Money and lifetime Disney® aficionado.
warren Warren Carlyle IV, Creator of the OctoGrowth Strategy for Social Media™ and specialist in Instagram® and social media implementation through effective graphics and deep-dive research.


Present Your New FOCUS ON IMPACT® MONEY-MAGNETI$M™ Presentation to Wendy's Exclusive Panel of Consumers, Sponsors, Lenders and Investors!*



Your participation in the complete FOCUS ON IMPACT® Live Event assures your chance for massive visibility after the seminar ends when we take the videos of this event across the United States to top executives who might be interested in learning more about your unique Impact.


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Discover How You Can Make a Massive, Measurable, Memorable IMPACT in the World and Get the Funding and Visibility You Need to Launch Your Impact Worldwide!



Our Guarantee!

Join us for the complete Focus On Impact® Live Event, July 14 – 17, 2016 in Dallas, TX and if you don't think this is the best training you've ever experienced to help you grow your unique impact and develop your MONEY MAGNETI$M™ simply return your materials to one of our onsite event staff and you'll receive a complete refund for your ticket.

*Members of the media, sponsors, lenders and investors panel to be announced.  Appearance of each panelist is contingent upon his/her availability and is subject to change throughout the Event. Professional Impact, Inc. is not responsible for the guaranteed appearance of panelists.